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Yeoh’s Bah Kut Teh stands strong and proud of its cultural heritage, an aspect that is highly-valued within the Chinese community since 1990 and served more than 200k customers.

The traditional virtue of loved ones gathering at the round table for a warm meal is preserved through the restaurant settings. It encourages family and friends to gather, with everyone enjoying a delicious meal, just like the good, old days.


Our Ingredients

Garlic boosts the immune system, preventing colds and flu, while also reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Its allicin content acts as a bioactive antibiotic, fighting infections, and contributes to overall body detoxification.

Star anise, known for its licorice-like taste, is a spice rich in bioactive compounds, offering benefits such as antiviral properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and potential relief for menopause symptoms and depression.

Angelica root, or Danggui, is a popular TCM herb. It is used to treat heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence), loss of appetite and anorexia, common arthritis, blood circulation problems, and insomnia

Codonopsis, a plant utilized in China and Korea to restore vital energy or ‘Qi,’ serves as an alternative to Panax ginseng. Known for slowing the growth of cancer cells and enhancing the immune system, Codonopsis offers valuable health benefits.

Some health benefits of wolfberry (or goji berry) are boosted immune system and flu protection, potential weight loss aid, antioxidants for eyes and skin, maintain blood sugar levels, increased testosterone, restored body homeostasis.

Chinese licorice roots, or Gancao, containing over 300 compounds, feature glycyrrhizin, known for reducing body fat, healing stomach ulcers, and fighting infections.

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